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    frequently asked question

    What is the minimum age to rent a car?

    The minimum age required is 21 and a valid driver’s license.

    Are others allowed to drive the rental car?

    Yes and with no additional cost. The only requirement is that the second driver must have a valid driver’s license and with a minimum age of 21 .

    Do I have to pay a deposit?

    Yes, it’s mandatory to pay a 250-dollar deposit. This will be given back when returning the car back in the same condition as it was given.

    Do I have to return the car with a full tank and clean?

    Yes, we deliver the car clean and with a full tank, that’s why we appreciate it if you can return it in the same condition.

    What is the minimum rental period?

    The minimum rental period is two days.

    Will the car be delivered and picked up?

    Yes, we deliver and pick up the car at your desired location free of cost.

    What should I do in case of an accident?

    In case of an emergency  you need to stay calm, call ForenSys Curacao – CRS (Insurance registration company) at 199 and also notify us. Do not move the car without the permission of Forensys, they need to take pictures for the insurance company.

    Is it possible to pay off my deductible?

    Yes, for only 10 dollars a day you can pay off your deductible. If not, the client must pay a deductible of 500 dollars in case of an accident.

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